I’m proud to announce that I’m running for re-election as Minnesota Secretary of State in 2018. When I was sworn in three years ago, I pledged to work with anyone, of any political affiliation, from any part of our state to protect, defend, and strengthen the right to vote in Minnesota. I’ve kept that promise by being a Secretary of State for all Minnesotans. Each year, I travel to all 87 Minnesota counties to meet with people where they live and work, to hear their feedback, and to ask how my office might help. I’ve listened, I’ve learned, and I’ve put your ideas into action. The results speak for themselves, especially in the area of elections:

  • I’ve made voting easier for all eligible Minnesotans, including students, veterans, new citizens, and our men & women in uniform.
  • I led the successful effort to get Minnesota back to #1 in voter turnout (up from #6).
  • I’ve made our election system more secure by helping to replace aging election equipment, and by upgrading cyber security efforts to help defend against attacks by the Russian government and others who want to target our elections.

I’m running for re-election because the stakes are high for our democracy right now. That’s not a slogan, it’s reality. People at the very top of our government are willing to lie about our election system to promote a partisan political agenda — and to push changes that would weaken and water down our voting rights. We can’t let that happen, because that’s not who we are. Our election system in Minnesota is a national model of fairness and accessibility. We should be proud of that.

But there’s more to do. We need even better laws to help engage Minnesotans in the democratic process. We need to keep expanding voter outreach strategies to reach people who feel left out of the system. We need to continue to modernize our election security so that we can maintain the integrity of our system while withstanding threats from outside forces who want to disrupt our elections. And, as always, I’ll stand up to people and groups who want to create new barriers to voting.

The 2018 campaign will be a long journey. To continue our progress, I’ll need your help and your vote in the coming months. I hope you’ll feel free to share your ideas, suggestions, or concerns. They’ve been key to our success over the past three years, and will be critical to our victory this November! Can I count on your support?