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A Note from Steve Simon, Minnesota’s Secretary of State

The day I took office, I said I would be a Secretary of State for all Minnesotans, and that’s exactly what I’ve done. I’ve visited all 87 counties of our state, exchanging ideas about how to make our election system even better, listening to the concerns of small businesses, and trying to improve the lives of all Minnesota families.

The best way to improve our democracy is to find common ground and work together. That’s why I’ve successfully worked with Republicans and Democrats to get good things done, like securing equal voting rights for all members of our National Guard, ensuring voters can get time off from work to vote in all regularly scheduled elections, and strengthening the Secretary of State’s Safe at Home program, which helps protect domestic abuse victims and others who fear for their safety.

There’s much more to do. I’m committed to making it easier to vote for all eligible Minnesotans, cutting red tape for small businesses, and protecting those who need help most. I’ll stay restless and proactive in pursuit of those commitments. As always, your help will be critical to my efforts.

I’m deeply grateful for the privilege of serving as Minnesota’s Secretary of State. I’ll keep trying to be worthy of your support. I’ll see you on the road.

Thank you.

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Steve Simon


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    Secretary of State Steve Simon

    Our democracy works best when every citizen has the opportunity to participate and express their voice by voting. As Secretary of State, I am committed to making modernizations and improvements that will make voting more accessible, and give all Minnesotans the opportunity to share their voice in how we are governed.Steve Simon

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