Steve's “5-Point” plan for a
better Secretary of State’s office

Steve Simon has a plan for improving the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office.  Learn more about how he stands on issues relevant to the office.

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Expand access to voting

If you’re an eligible voter in Minnesota, it should be as easy as possible to vote. That’s why Steve supports early voting and other efforts to increase participation.

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Remove barriers to voting

Some people want to make it harder to vote. Steve will be a strong voice against those efforts. That’s why he opposes all initiatives to end same-day registration. And it’s why he supports an easier path for voter registration.

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Modernize business services

Steve believes that businesses small and large need a Secretary of State’s office that uses technology to ease the creation of new businesses and new jobs. Making the Secretary of State’s technology platform more “business friendly” will be a top priority for Steve.

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Strengthen protection for victims of domestic violence

The “Safe at Home” program, which the Secretary of State administers, is an address confidentiality program for domestic abuse victims. As a legislator, Steve has made the program stronger. As Secretary of State, he’ll defend those hard-won gains.

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Be a Secretary of State for ALL Minnesotans

The Office of the Secretary of State should be dedicated to serving Minnesotans of all backgrounds and affiliations. Steve believes that fairness and integrity matter most; not political advantage.


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Because Every Voice Matters,
Every Vote Matters

As Secretary of State, Steve will work to make sure that every vote is counted and every voice is heard.

Steve Simon, Candidate for Minnesota Secretary of State
Our democracy works best when every citizen has the opportunity to participate and express their voice by voting. As Secretary of State, I am committed to making modernizations and improvements that will make voting more accessible, and give all Minnesotans the opportunity to share their voice in how we are governed.Steve Simon

Joan Growe, Minnesota Secretary of State, 1974-1999

Our democracy depends on elections that are honest and inclusive. As a member of the Minnesota House Elections Committee for nine years and chair for two years, Steve has a record that proves his commitment to those ideals.Joan Growe

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Modernize Business Services

I have a long track record of supporting MN businesses, and will continue to draw on that experience to insure the Office of the SOS is business-friendly.

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AM 800 KQAD Interview

Steve Simon, MN SOS candidate, joins Newsmakers on AM 800 KQAD to talk about his campaign, the success of early voting in MN and the future of elections.

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Safe at Home

As Secretary of State, I will continue to defend and strengthen the life-saving, Safe at Home program.

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Simon Campaign Debuts Television Ad

The Steve Simon for Secretary of State Campaign launches a 30-second television ad that focuses on Steve Simon’s experience and his commitment to being a Secretary of State for all Minnesotans.

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Star Tribune Endorses Steve Simon

Politics probably can’t be completely avoided, but Simon’s demonstrable, admirable record of building consensus would be an advantage in the effort to maximize citizen participation in our democracy and maintain confidence in its integrity.

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A Minnesota Story

Steve Simon’s story is a Minnesota Story – His roots are wide-ranging, his family history helped shape his values, and his values have motivated him to spend a lifetime helping Minnesotans.

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Expand Access to Voting

Our democracy works best when every citizen has the opportunity to participate and express their voice by voting.

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Debate/Candidate Forum Schedule

The Steve Simon for Minnesota Secretary of State campaign released today the debate/candidate forum schedule for the final weeks of the 2014 campaign. As the Secretary of State race is the only open seat without an incumbent running, it’s important that Minnesota voters have the opportunity to compare and contrast the candidates.

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2014 Minnesota Absentee Ballot Instructions

In Minnesota, you don’t have to wait until Election Day to vote. You can vote early with an absentee ballot. Eligible voters may vote early in person at their local elections office, or by mail.

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Afro TV Profile

Afro TV profiles Steve Simon, candidate for Secretary of State. Afro TV is a studio based in Minneapolis MN USA and a sister company of Programs air on Kalsan tv and globalbox.TV.

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Introduction Video

An introduction to Steve Simon and his family – Joan Growe, Minnesota Secretary of State from 1975 to 1999 introduces Simon at the DFL Convention. Steve talks about the qualities Minnesotans look for in a Secretary of State. Leia Simon talks about her husband and his personal qualities that will make him a great Secretary of State for Minnesota.

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The Daily Agenda Podcast

The Daily Agenda: Steve Simon talks with Blois Olson about his run for Secretary of State. Steve’s segment starts at the 16 minute mark. Topics include his immigrant roots, his young family, and his vision for the Secretary of State’s office with regard to business and ballot access.

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